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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Neat Article/Video for us to look back on

Almost forgot to mention that on Mother's Day our local paper did a nice write up/video. It will be neat for our family to look back on! We really appreciated Paul Swiech, from the Pantagraph, for doing this story. He was so patient and courteous as he discovered our life journey over the past several years.

Feel free to check it out:

Happy Belated Mothers Day!

What a week! Last Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day with both of our parents. They were gracious enough to join us at our house since we are a little less mobile than most:) We had a nice dinner, a few gifts, and a few photo's. While it was a great day, it just wasn't complete without Lauren here. Grandma and Grandpa Samuels were able to stop by Urbana to see Lauren which made Tiff and I feel much more at ease.

Last Wednesday we took Gavin, Maggie, and Reese to Urbana to have their eye appointments. Reese had already been cleared for 6 months, but decided to come along for the ride. Gavin and Maggie both had good appointments and won't have to come back until Reese does. After the appointment we went to see Lauren for a few hours. Lauren had her eye appointment later in the day and was also cleared for 6 months. Tiff and I have to take turns to see her since one of us has to stay with the G,M,&R. They do not allow any babies to enter the NICU after they have been released. Needless to say were ready to get here home! Lauren is on the lowest settings for her nasal cannula, .05. She still needs that little flow:( If she is not off this by next week we will be bringing Lauren home on oxygen. She currently weighs 5 lbs 14 oz.

Big time Congrats to our Kassie's!! We are so proud of them!

Jon's sister Kassie just graduated from Illinois State University! She completed school in 31/2 years and already has her job lined up. What an over achiever!

Tiff's sister Kassie just received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis and accepted a job offer! Hard work is really paying off. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend her graduation since it was in St. Louis. We missed you this past weekend, Kass, and are so proud of you!

Maggie, Gavin, Reese, and Mommy on Mother's Day

Aunt Kassie (Wash. U grad!), MiMi Samuels, Tiff and babies on Mother's Day
Aunt Kassie + Reese, Gavin, & Maggie on I.S.U. Graduation Day

Maggie is so happy to see her Dad.....not so much!

Our first walk in the neighborhood with the babies!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Photo Shoot

We are having so much fun at home. Who needs sleep!! Brenda (Jon's mom) and I decided to have a photo shoot yesterday. We had a blast! Here are a few of the pics.

I love this one!! Gavin is thinking what is wrong with Reese and Maggie has a sweet smile on her face as she leans on her brother!!!! I love it!!! We cant wait for Lauren to join these pictures!

Reese and Maggie are best friends!

Maggie resting on the coach

Tonight loving arms is coming and Jon and I cant wait! Those special friends have been a huge help!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you Amy for putting so much time and effort into organizing this, we could not do it without them!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Maggie's Home!

Hello All! Things have been so busy for us the last couple of weeks! Most importantly, we brought Maggie home on Wednesday. She is adapting so well to "home" life. She has proven, thus far, to be the mild manner of the bunch. Very patient with just about everything.

It was very difficult to leave Lauren behind on Wednesday. Since Wednesday she has made unbelievable progress. For one, they have removed her feeding tube. She is taking her bottles at every feeding. She only has a low flow cannula remaining in which she is on the lowest settings (.1). We are praying for Lauren to come home before the quads normal due date of May 13th (if not sooner:)

For now we are keeping a tight feeding schedule with Maggie, Gavin, and Reese. Every three hours (11:30, 2:30, 5:30, ....) If we didn't we'd spend our whole day feeding and changing diapers. I've noticed that our organizational skills are really shaping up:) Amazing what a few babies at once can do to you:)

We had some great help this weekend. Aunt Kassie S. and Aunt Kassie M. came by to help with the overnight feedings. We are looking forward to having family and close friends get us through the night beginning this week. We are so blessed to have the support that we do!

Hope all is well with everyone out there! We appreciate all you prayers and support. We love to read your blogs on our site! Keep them coming.

Maggie taking a mid afternoon nap.

Miss Maggie

Mom & Lauren

Mom & Gavin

Gavin (left), Maggie (bottom right), & Reese

Reese being Reese