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Friday, December 7, 2007

First day of Blogging


Jon and I decided to start a blog to keep our family and friends up to speed on our pregnancy. It might take me some time to get it going so bear with us:)


Risa said...

What a great idea!! Keep the pictures coming :) I am sure you will look a lot different when I see you in two weeks. Love you guys!

heather said...

Tiff, You look beautiful!

Please update with pics of the babies :)

The boys will love being able to see their cousins grow!

Love ya

Jill said...

This blog is adorable!!! Awesome idea!!

Tiff - You look so good! I am so excited for you!! You are going to be a wonderful mother!!!

This is a great way for us to see you & your babies grow!! Hopefully, I'll be able to come see you soon!! Keep the pictures coming! :)

Love & Miss Ya

Lo said...

I'm sooooo happy that you have decided to blog. You are truly glowing and I can't wait to visit.

Love you both,


Justin said...

I can't believe I"m finally going to have cousins especially 4. Is Jon going to get rid of all his game systems?

I want them.

love your nephew Justin