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Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday's Doctor appointment

Thursday we went back to the doctor for my 18 week appointment. It went really well, except for the fact our appointment was at 10 and I thought it was at 9. Needless to say we had to wait a little bit. When we went back to do our sonogram we quickly found out we were having our target sonogram. This is where they measure every part, of every baby, and check for birth defects. This appointment was supposed to be at 22 weeks. It was nice it was a surprise so I did not have time to worry about it. The sonogram took 1 1/2 hrs which is actually very quick considering you're checking on four babies! Monica (our sono tech) said our babies were so good it made it easy for her! Way to go guys! We are also excited because they did not find any birth defects!! Thank you God! What an answer to our prayers!!! Three of the four babies are measuring a week ahead, so that is awesome! The little girl under my right rib cage is the smallest and is measuring right on target. It is so cool since I can feel her the most (probably because she's kicking my rib cage, but I just love it!!!)

Oh, in case you were wondering, we are having 3 girls and a boy!

Picture above: Our little guy sucking his thumb at 18 weeks!


Jeanie Bree said...

wowee, wow, wow!! I love seeing your sono pics. Dan had not gotten the chance to see any yet, and he was all smiles for you guys.

Rachel said...

wow tiff! this is so amazing! what a great idea to create this blog. i am so happy to hear that you and the babies are healthy and doing well!