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Friday, March 7, 2008

First Times....

Everything has been going so well this past week. Since we've last blogged Lauren has been taken off the jett ventilator. She is still on one ventilator, which she receives 26 breaths per minute. This is already decreased from 50,which she just had two days ago. On top of this, she officially reached the 2lbs mark! To add to this great news Tiff was able to hold Lauren for two hours yesterday. She responded so well to being with Mommy. Heartbeat was great, she slept the whole time, and they lowered her oxygen levels during this two hour time frame.

Gavin, Maggie, and Reese are all doing great as well. Gavin is 3lbs 6oz, Maggie and Reese are 2lbs 10oz each. Maggie's stomach was a little more expanded than they liked a couple of days ago so they put her in a different bed than Reese. They thought she might of had an infection in her intestine, but turned out it was just gas:) They may put them back together soon.

On Wednesday, Aunt Heather, my sister, surprised Tiff and I by flying into town from Dallas TX. It was so good to catch up with her! Even better to see her visit the babies!
Thanks to the help of Becky Huizer and Snyder Reality Tiff and I are hanging out at Eastland Suites in Urbana this weekend. We are very thankful to be staying right down the road from the quads and nice accommodations.

Lauren's first cuddle with Mommy!

Aunt Heather's first peek at Maggie and Reese

Tiff getting the morning quad updates from Nurse Deb

Reese's little behind

Grandpa Samuels first touch - with Maggie


Suzanne said...

awwww...they are just precious! great news about lauren!!! rootin for you guys down in texas!!! hang in there...the NICU is rough!

Summer said...

I just got tears in my eyes after reading the wonderful update on Lauren, and seeing her on her mommy's chest for the first time. There is no doubt she was calmed by her mommy's heartbeat...a sound I'm sure she had been missing:) I am rejoicing with you guys over such great strides. Your babies are truly miracles, and such gifts from God.

Still praying,


Amber & Jason said...

This is such great news!!! So excited to see how well they are doing! I should have thought about asking Eastland Suites for you guys (especially since I used to work for the company!). Take care!

Jan Spitz said...

Hey, What beautiful pictures! I am so proud of Lauren! She is doing so well, as are all the quads! Your blogs make me tear up and I check them everyday! Leslie is due in May and I have heart strings that just tug to be with her when I see all those grandparents! Take care and know that you are and will remain in my daily thoughts and prayers. Love, Jan

jessica stranz said...

So happy to read your update! It gave me goose bumps when I read Tiff got to hold Lauren - thank the Lord.

Deb is the best!! She is such a great nurse. Benjie and I loved to see her picture with Tiff.

Sounds like things are really going good. You are both doing an amazing job. We think of you everyday.
Love, Jessica and Benjie

Gettel said...

Hey Tiff and Jon! I loved hearing the news about the babies! I can't believe how much they improve each and every day! I also didn't think I realized how exactly small they were till I saw Grandpa Rick's hand on Maggie! Please tell Reese she has the cutest diapered backside of any baby I know..and tell my girl Lauren to keep up the good work! Love you guys :)

The Murray Crew said...

Their progress is extrordinary! I'm so pumped to hear about Lauren, as Clark was also on the oscillator for a while...I am always available to phone chat, email, etc. I know that this NICU phase is a rough one, but IT TOO SHALL PASS! You guys have so many GREAT days ahead! Feel free to link us and let us know if you would like a kit and we'll mail it out this week! My email is
We are so excited to see how God is blessing you!
Love from your sister state IN,
Mama to Quad Boys
Henry, Isaac, Brooks, and Clark

Anonymous said...

they are getting so big we keep you guys in our prayers.Oh and they sre so CUTE! the Eskers

pam said...

Can't wait to see those little angels!we keep you guys in our prayers.Love Pam

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the little behind! How adorable! It is awesome how well they are all doing!
Love, Hanks

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that everyone is still doing well. Its wonderful that you've now been able to hold all of your sweet babies! I was poking around online & came across this T-shirt

and I thought of you guys & how true it is!

the schirano triplets said...

How wonderful to hear such great news! We will keep praying for those little ones!

Anonymous said...

Jon and Tiff -- I am praying for you and the babies. Isn't it wonderful that our God can give us such special gifts? I am so happy for you and look forward to one day seeing pictures of these babies crawling and walking! Thanks to our God for these beautiful miracles! Tammy White

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. The quads are just perfect. I don't know John but I'm guessing they get their looks from mommy! I would love to sign up for diaper duty! I will get some sent your way. We started using cloth diapers (I'll send disposable ones), I know, it's much better then it sounds. There is a lady down here who makes great all-in-one trendy ones. If your interested I would love to get the quints there first cloth diapers.
Take care, were praying for you all.
Michael, Michelle (Hawkins) & Macie Schnepper

Christina said...

Hi Tiff and Jon,

A couple of things:

I have tears of joy looking at these pictures. Especially the one of Lauren in your arms, Tiff. How precious...she has overcome so much already. She's is just precious. Praise God that you're able to hold her and for the wonderful news about her hitting 2 pounds! And coming off the jett. Yay! All of the babies sound like they're doing great.

Also, Tiff you look so great! You're so tiny! There's no way anyone would believe you just had quads 3 weeks ago. You're amazing!

We're praying for you guys and thinking about you everyday. Give our love to those precious 4 babies. Can't wait to love on them myself!

Love you,
Christina, Patrick, Henry and William

Anonymous said...

Tiff, Jon and Family,

You are in our thoughts and prayers! We think about you daily and wish nothing but the best that life has to offer for you and your new bundles of joy!
Clark ( Kathy)

Anonymous said...

Hello there kids. I am so happy to hear that everyone is doing great and getting better everyday. I am so proud of Lauren, I had a feeling she would be a little fighter.
Tiff, you are looking great and so sweet to see Lauren on you chest. It must be an awesome feeling.
Well, I hope that things continue to go well for all of you for each day HOME gets a little closer for all of you.
Lots of love and prayers,
Lori Hasquin

Anonymous said...

Tiff and Jon-I am so extatic after reading this-I don't even know if I spelled that right :) Words can't express my excitement over Lauren's progress. Tiff-I'm so happy to see the photo of you holding her! I love the baby butt too-one of my all time favorite things that babies do! I can't wait to love on these babies! Tiff you look so good and so cute with your notebook! I love it! XOXO to the FAB FOUR! Busing

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jon and Tiffany!
(Congrats also to some of the quads biggest fan - Rick, Jan, Risa, Kassie.)
We are so excited for you! The quads are so special and we’re so glad to hear that they are continuing to do better each day. We pray that Gavin, Maggie, Lauren, and Reese continue to grow into healthy Michaels kids! Tiffany, we also pray that God would overwhelm you with a strong sense of His presence, providing you with a motherly peace and strength to endure till the homecoming of your precious children. Jon, we pray that you would experience God’s grace and love, as you continue to serve and love Tiffany during this special season of your lives. Congrats again to all of you...all 6 of you!
If you're interested, our blog site is if you want to see our little girl, Addison, who was just born December 17, 2007.

Warmly in Christ,

Josh, Andrea, & Addison Griswold

Anonymous said...

Tiff, you really do look great! I was curious...I can tell some of the quad names are family names and was wondering if they all have stories behind them.