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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!! Sorry it has taken so long to update. We've had a very busy Easter week. Jon's family (aunts, uncles, and grandfather) came in to celebrate Aunt Erma's 100 year birthday on Thursday. Friday they were all able to come and see the babies for the first time. It was great having them in town for the weekend! It was really neat to see Grandpa's expression as he saw all the Quads.

The Quads have been making great strides in just one week. It's amazing to see how much they change on a daily basis. They are continuing to gain weight each day, about 1 oz. a day! Here are their current weights:

Lauren - 2lbs 9.5oz

Gavin - 4lbs 5 oz

Maggie - 3lbs 11.9 oz

Reese - 3lbs 9 oz

Lauren has been doing so well. Since she has outgrown her first vent tube they have increased the size of the tube which has seemed to have made a huge difference for the better. They have her on the lowest vent settings, which means she doing most of the work on her own. Dr. Stratton would like to see her gain a little more weight before they try to take her off the vent again. She has been such a fighter over the last week and is determined to get off her vent! We just love watching her grow every day!

(Daddy changing Lauren's Diaper - She's so cute!)

Gavin now has a little company in his bed! Maggie and Reese have crashed the party:) This is great news considering Maggie and Reese are now in a crib. They have done great in room air with very few problems. Gavin, pretty reserved, seems to be taken things in stride.

All the grandparents have had an opportunity to hold their grandbabies. Once Lauren is in a crib, they will have the opportunity to hold all the babies. They look so cute together! We just need Lauren to jump in the middle to make this slumber party complete!

(from the left: Maggie, Gavin, Reese)

(Mom, Maggie, Gavin, & Reese)

4 Generations! Dad, Jon, Gavin, and Grandpa Mike

We continue to be blessed with a great NICU staff here at Carle! They are unbelievably patient with us and are so detailed with every question they answer! We can't imaging being anywhere else!

Easter Sunday with Our Great NICU Staff ! - Linda, Tiff, Valerie, Jess, and Brittany


Anonymous said...

I hope the quads enjoyed their 1st easter. It is amazing how more special holidays become once you add to your family. They are getting so big and will be home before too long. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Happy Easter.

Charlie, Kristi(Hildebrand), and Ethan Foerster

jessica stranz said...

I have tears reading your update. I am so happy that Gavin, Reese, and Maggie are back together again. The babies are at such great weights - an ounce a day is awesome! Keep up the good work, guys :)
I think you get to start bottle feeding this week. Good luck.... I'm sure it will go well.
Thinking of all 6 of you! Love, Jessica and Benjie

**Check out the birth announcement with sent the NICU - it's pinned up on the board right by the nurses lounge.

Stephanie said...

Happy Easter to all of you! I love the posts and the photos. I am so excited to see how they grow so much each week! I can't wait to see them all snug in a bed together! I know it won't be long. Even more so I love to see you both holding and loving on your babies!! What precious gifts you are to each other. Our continued prayers and of course big XOXO-Busing

Millicent said...

Been reading your blog since the quads were born. I forget how I stumbled across it. But this is my first comment. I was so worried when you guys didn't post for so long. It was such a relief to see this post. Even better to hear how well every one is doing. Gavin, Maggie and Reese look so sweet all together. I will be praying that Lauren joins them soon. She is such a cutie. Love the video.

Happy Easter to you all.

Amber & Jason said...

Wow! They are all getting so big - especially Lauren! She is growing so much, how awesome!! I can't believe three of them are in cribs! They will all be home before you know it. We were so glad to see such a great update. Take care!!

Laura Bach said...

We were so happy to see you enjoying your 4 little blessings on Easter. We love learning of the latest accomplishment for Gavin, Lauren, Maggie & Reese. It is so great to see them growing bigger and stronger. Have fun enjoying every precious moment!

Boyd, Laura, Brian & Julie Bach

Laura Bach said...
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Christina said...

Hi Jon and Tiff -

It's so exciting to read these updates and to see the babies pictures. The video of Jon changing Lauren's diaper is just hilarious - I love that he shows you the little speck! :-) She is just a little doll. Gavin, Maggie and Reese look so adorable snuggled up together. How exciting that they're all growing and continuing to do so well. It looks like you had a great visit with your family. And all of the grandmas and grandpas look so proud holding their grandbabies! YAY! They are such miracles.

You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We thank God for these precious little babies and for the amazing parents he's given them. We love you!

Christina, Patrick, Henry and William

Anonymous said...

What sweet little babies! All the Songers are thrilled that your babies have arrived and are doing so well. It was no suprise to hear of your courage and faith, Tiffany, during the pregnancy and delivery. We always knew you were such a special girl. How blessed the quad squad is to have such a wonderful, supportive family surrounding them!

With grateful hearts,
Roger and Sue Songer

Anonymous said...

Tiffany- I'm sorry but the Tiff I saw today doesn't look like she had even one baby let alone 4!! You look great!!
It was great to see you today at Kassie's party!! Sorry I got a teary eyed when I saw you but I am amazed at your strength. I can't believe...although since it's you I can. But I can't believe how bright and cheery you were! WOW! You are and have always been such a beautiful positive person...You inspire me Tiff.
It was really great to see you!!!
By the way how do you spell...Bed bath and Beyond....(Hahahaha!!!)
Have a great week!
I love you all!!
Kiss the babies for me!
Sarah Thoren