The Michaels' Quads

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Update

The quads are doing just great!! I can't believe how time flys. I took some 7month pictures a few weeks ago. I still have not had them professionally taken. I need to get on that. We have a good family friend who has offered to take them, I just need to get on the ball and contact her. Here they are:


Lauren is off of her oxygen!!! We are so proud of her. She is just doing amazing. She is so much happier without it!!!! Thank you for all of your prayers. They have def. been answered!!!

Gavin before a bath.

Lauren playing the piano.

We are trying to finds lots to do around the house since we are home bound now that it is RSV season. I am still coaching cheerleading, so I get to get out a few times a week for that. Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures up!!! I am really going to try and do better!


Christina said...

Oh My Goodness!! They could not be any cuter! I mean it, they are all four the most adorable little babies. That first picture is PRECIOUS!! And I love the girls in their sweet dresses and Gavin is such a little man in his outfit--sooooo cute!

I'm glad I peer pressured you into posting. I am missing these babies and LOVE seeing their pictures.

It was good talking to you. I'm so happy that they're doing so well and so excited for Lauren that she's off oxygen!! She looks great!

Love you!!


Rosie said...

It's so good to see how well everyone is doing! They all look adorable. I'd love to come up sometime to meet them & see you (Risa keeps telling me you wouldn't mind). I promise I'll leave my little guy at home. :o) Thanks for sharing with everybody!

Anonymous said...

They are growing so fast!! WOW!! I love Gavin's little belt...thats super cute!!


Hugs and Kisses!
Sarah Thoren

Stephanie said...

Yey for the update! Love it!! So I'm narrowing in to owing you 2 meals....will be in touch soon. I can't believe how big they are and am so happy for Lauren...what a big girl! Ainsley has triplets in her kindermusick class and every class I think of the quads and how fun things will continue to be as they grow. XOXO to the quads!!!

Candi Bennett said...

The quads look absolutely amazing. All the NICU gals miss all of you and think about the babies often.

Carle NICU

Jessica said...

I'm so happy you updated, Tiff! The kiddos are adorable.... and growing beautifully. I noticed Gavin's belt right away - such a big boy.
I'll try to give you a call sometime soon.

Love, Jessica

Feely Children said...

Jon and Tiff~

Your family is just beautiful! Great to hear the news on Lauren!:) I LOVE how you dressed the girls alike in their pretty little dresses .... and that Gavin, what a handsome little man in his outfit .... love the belt! Too cute! Can't wait to see them running around the neighborhood. Just think .... after winter in gone, they will be off ... watch out! Take care! Keep the blogs coming, I check the site often! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for baby Lauren! Everyone looks so amazing and you and Jon and truly blessed. I hope your doing great and sending a BIG hug your way.
Love Lo