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Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting so Big!

The quads are doing so great!! They are getting so big!! Gavin is rolling all over the place and Reese rolled over for the first time today!! Yay!!! I love getting to know each personality, they are so different. Here are a few updated pictures. Enjoy!!!

Gavin's first time in the exersaucer

Gavin playing with Lauren
Circle of friends :)
I love this one of Gavin and Maggie holding hands.

We love our shirts Mrs. Bree and Mrs. Roehrig!!! Thanks so much!!
(Gavin, Maggie, Lauren, and Reese)


Stacy Hanks said...

How cute! I can't believe how big they are getting!

The Patterson's said...

OH MY GOODNESS! They are just the most adorable babies on the street! I can't wait to see them again (and, you and Jon, too!).

Collegegirl said...

6 months already? They are getting so big and precious!

Melissa and Scott said...

You're in for such a treat as you watch them grow into such unique and special individuals!

And, there is something quite liberating in parenting multiples. Especially when we're having "one of those days" - it gives me some relief that it's just temprament and not necessarily parenting. (smile)

Anonymous said...

I love how there always holding hands...thats so special!


Remember that small black like braided purse you got me when I was like 6...I still have it...Oh memories!! :)

I love you girl!! and babies and husband!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

WOW they do look grown up!!
So cute :)

Christina said...

They really are getting so big! It makes me want to cry looking at their "worth the weight" shirts and realizing just how far they have all come. How amazing that you have four, healthy, happy, growing babies! They are beautiful!! And that circle of friends picture is too precious! :-)

Love you!

jessica said...

Awwww!! They are such sweeties. Those are great pictures. I hope we can come up for a visit again sometime soon.

Way to go, Gavin! That's awesome that he's rolling. Wow!

Love, Jessica, Benjie, Molly, and Owen

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! They are getting so big, we can't believe it.

How is Jon's family? Are they in The Woodlands?

Take care and hopefully they don't have much damage.
Kelsey & Kyle Maxwell

Angie said...

Hey Tiff! I cannot BELIEVE how big your little squad is getting! They are beautiful! It has been so much fun following your journey through this blog~

I had a dream about you last night!Ha! You and all the little ones and I've never even met them!

So glad to see them all healthy and happy--keep up the posts (I LOVE them!).


Angie Holmer