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Friday, December 19, 2008

10 Months Old!!

Where has time gone??? We have had a busy last couple of weeks!! Reese and Gavin are crawling everywhere!!! They are new best buds, it's so cute. Maggie is starting to chase after them, but also enjoys hanging back with Lauren. They have been exploring new parts of the house and love looking out the window!! There's been a few times when they've tried crawling through the windows:) We also added another feeding to the day!!! We are at four bottles and two meals. They're all doing so well and seem to love all foods, I know that will change!

M,R and L playing by the back door

L and R by the window. Lauren has really started talking up a storm. She and Reese have the best conversations!!

Gerber was so generous to give us 50 coupons for free 12 2-packs of baby food. I was having trouble getting it all myself so a few friends helped me out. Here are the boxes of baby food sitting in our kitchen. Reese is so excited!! THANKS Janan, Karin and Brenda!!!!

Gavin loves crawling to the front window and licking it. He might be the next Ralphie :)

Reese and Maggie

Gav and Reese looking out the front door. Jon ran out and took this pic.

M,R and L trying to get the bag of wipes!

We have gone from two stocking's to six!!! We LOVE it!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Kelly Reynolds said...

Love the pictures! Reagan can't wait til after RSV season to come over and hold Maggie (that is the only one that she wants to hold...not sure why :) Hope you guys are doing well. Looks like things are going to get real interesting here soon. Merry Christmas.

Christina said...

Honestly Tiff, could these four be any cuter? I think I write that every time!! Anyway, I just think they are the most precious babies. I can't get over how big they're getting. And can't believe they're all getting around! They are just such beautiful babies!! Your mantle looks PERFECT! Merry Christmas!! What a great gift (or gifts!)you guys have this year!!

Love you!

Jessica Stranz said...

Tiffany, Your 4 babies are so cute!! Oh my goodness!! Life is so good for your family right now.... I love the updates. And - that is a TON of baby food. Whoa!
Enjoy your first Christmas with your little sweeties. You and Jon are blessed.

When is RSV season gone? I'm ready for Molly and Owen to meet up with the quads again :) We'll all get together soon enough. Keep your little ones healthy (we're right in the middle of a cold right now.... it's no fun.)

Merry Christmas!

Love, Jessica (and Benjie, Molly, and Owen)

Jessica Stranz said...

P.S. I forgot to add earlier.... I opened my mailbox today to see a hot mama and her 4 babies staring back at me! I got the Carle magazine today and I absolutely love the story on your family. It's amazing! That is such a great memento for all of you. And, Tiffany, you look gorgeous on the cover. Holy smokes!

Stephanie said...

I love the updates you guys! The quads are so big and getting so much hair! Santa has left something for them under our tree and I will try to get over soon to deliver it! Merry Christmas and XOXO to the babies!

Jus Shar Designs said...

I don't know how I stumbled upon your site, but hello!

Four babies...mercy, but you have your hands full.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Jeanie Bree said...

As everyone is saying....I can't believe how big those angels are getting!!!! And I've noticed that in many, many of the photos those babies are smiling or laughing.....which of course reminds me of thier mother! Happy Holiday Michaels family. You have much to celebrate this year!

Goodwin Family said...

They are huge! It happens so fast. Don't blink, you might miss something...........especially with 4 of them! I can't wait to meet them all.
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

New post!!! I'm dying for an update!!