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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

The Michaels family had a wonderful Christmas!!! We spent Christmas eve with Grandpa and Grandma Michaels, Aunt Kassie and Great Aunt Ginny. The babies did great!!!
The girls sitting at Grandpa and Grandma Michaels house with their new stocking caps. Thanks Miss Wilson!! We love them!!

Gavin crawled into Grandma Michaels' basket with the Apple to Apples game!

Here is the entire gang at Christmas with the Michaels, minus Aunt Kassie.
Christmas Day we took off during their morning nap and went to Grandma and Grandpa Samuels house. We stayed for several days!! I have to say the quads adjust so well to staying at new places, especially since they never do it.

Reese climbing on her gift from Aunt Kassie and Uncle Clint. Gavin is on his way!!!

My sisters and I in our Christmas pajamas. Yes, our mom still gets us matching pajamas.

The babies in their Christmas pajamas. Thanks Aunt Risa!!

It was so nice on Saturday we took the babies outside to see the geese. I think we might have scared the geese away.

Jon and Gavin walking around my parents backyard. Notice the geese are gone :(

Aunt Risa reading a bed time story. They love listening to books. Notice Gavin is out of sight. He usually takes off during book time

Reese and Maggie looking out the front window.

Lauren looking at herself in the mirror. She loves this game!!

We went to the Dr. on Wed. for their RSV shots. Our current weights are:

Gavin: 18 lbs 3 oz

Maggie: 17lbs 12 oz

Reese: 17 lbs 10 oz

Lauren: 13 lbs 4oz

They are growing very well!! We are so blessed.

Happy New Year!!!!


rachael said...

i cannot believe how big they are cute! happy new year!

The Murray Crew said...

Wow guys, they are just gorgeous healthy little boogers! =) Love them! 1/2 way through RSV season - whoot! whoot! =) We think of you often. Happy New Year!

The Murray Crew

Feely Children said...

Wow! The quads are getting so big and are so very adorable! I LOVE your blog updates .... it is so great to see the pics of how these little angels are growing and changing with every blog! Keep it up! Love the picture of the entire gang on the floor .... too funny and cute! They definitely keep you hopp'n! :) Laura

Jessica Stranz said...

So glad you all had a Merry Christmas. I love the picture of you, Kassie, and Risa in your matching pjs!

Sounds like everyone is really growing and learning more and more. The big 1 year mark isn't too far away - time flies!

Maggie and Reese look awesome in their Adidas Cheer outfits :)

Love, Jessica

Misty said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! It looks like it was a great time for all of you! The babies look so cute & BIG!
MOM to gggg quads

Rosie said...

What a fun Christmas! Everyone looks so great. The other night Jessica showed me the Carle magazine, so cute! I also love that you, Risa, & Kassie still get matching jammies for christmas - your girls have a lot to look forward too. I can't believe how big they are getting!

Oh, your new layout looks really cute too!
Love Rosie

Jus Shar Designs said...

Oh my goodness, what a brood you have. You are blessed!

My mom used to dress my sister and I alike...and we are 18 mos apart. And I did it to my boys before their sister came along. It's got to be a mom thing. :-)