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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1st Birthday!!!

We had the best day on Saturday! We celebrated the quads birthday with our families and it was so special!! We can not believe how time flys ( I know everyone says that but it is sooo true!!) I was Dr. Marshall's today for their one year check ups (I only take two at a time otherwise it is just to much for me to be able to really focus on each baby) and we were talking about how blessed we are! I look at these babies and can not believe how well things have turned out. We give God the glory every single day!!!! The only thing Dr. Marshall mentioned was Lauren's weight. She wants her to gain a pound this month. I know that does not sound like much, but the month before she only gained an ounce. Other than that, they look great!!!

Current Stats:

Gavin: 19 lbs 7 oz. 29 1/2 inches

Reese: 18 lbs. 7oz. 29 1/2 inches
( I don't think this is right because she is def. not the same as Gav and Maggie)
Maggie: 19 lbs 6 oz. 29 1/4 inches

Lauren: 14 lbs 27 inches.

We have a ton of birthday pics. We had to capture every moment!!!! The theme was "Our sweathearts are turning one" I can't say that Jon loved it but they are only one and do not know the difference.

Aunt Risa and Gavin

I love this picture!

Maggie and I

Look at all of our presents. I think we are a little spoiled!!

Maggie looking for her gifts!! What a cute little bottom!!
Lauren showing off her new Emu's from Aunt Risa. She is very loved!!!

Lauren is saying "get back this is mine"

The Cake
Thanks Russ Ann!!!
Everyone had their own cake with their initial!!
Our entire fam!! Sorry the picture is a little blured.
Gavin eating his cake
He loved it!!!
Lauren mostly checked hers out.
She is the one I was hoping that would eat it!! :)Lets pack on the pounds!!

Maggie looking at every piece very carefully!

Reese enjoying it just like her mommy!!
Grandpa Michaels feeding Maggie

We are looking forward to this year and being so much more active!!


Cochran Quads said...

Sweet birthday idea!! Love the cakes! Our Lauren is our smallest as well! You have some precious babies, Mama!!

Stephanie said...

What a great party! I know Jon really thought of the theme, it's ok to admit it :) Don't worry about Lauren's weight. We went through the same with Ainsley because in 2 mos. she only gained a few oz, but lucky her she gets to eat whatever she wants when she wants. I'm sure Lauren is always busy, like Anisley, so it makes it hard to keep weight on. They are all so adorable...and a little spoiled with those presents, but when you are that darn cute who wouldn't want to spoil you? Can't wait to see you all again soon! XOXO to the babies!

Christina said...

They are beautiful! Happy Birthday babies!

The Patterson's said...

I had to laugh out loud when I saw that picture of Reese just looking at the camera like you were crazy! She was in no mood to smile, obviously! Oh are right, look at all those gifts! I can't imagine what Christmas will really be like next year at your house!

Andria said...

Adorable! Those cakes look too good to eat! What a perfect theme for your sweethearts. You look fabulous as well!

Jessie said...

They are all so adorable! I loved the cakes and the tutus. (We have the same high chairs. I love those things!)

Faye said...


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Michaels Babies!!

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!! Love the theme!! They are so cute!!!
Looks like a great party!

Misty said...

Happy Birthday and what a great theme!
Beautiful family!

The Carlsons said...

what an adorable 1st birthday!! happy birthday to the sweet kiddos! Now comes the toddler years :D

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

cosas del mar said...

SO cute, Michaels family!!! Miss you guys...

Christina said...

What a DARLING birthday!! Tiffany---I absolutely love your theme, decorations, the cakes, the girl's tutu's and Gav's handsome red polo!!! How darling!! It looks like a wonderful day and celebration of their first year. It does go so fast. I can't even believe they're one!

And you look beautiful! I love the picture of you with the girl's. Lauren's little smile in that first picture is so sweet!

We have to catch up soon! I miss you!!

p.s. love the birthday song!! haha MCC memories!

Jac Tubre said...

Congratulations! Love the pictures...especially the boots :)


Annie said...

Great pics!!! Happy Birthday, little ones!

Christina said...

Hi Tiffany!! So Im the other multiple Mommy here in town that Doreen was talking about. :) If you want to send me an email, maybe we can chat, and see about getting together this month for a play date or something! Ive been following your blog since you had the quads. Dr. Jarrett was my doctor too. Small world, remember me from the BHS football game? I work at the place where the daycare LOVES to eat at. With those yummy dream bars. :)

rtuite said...

Congratulations on the big milestone of 1st Birthday! Your babies are beautiful. I feel a special bond following your blog because my husband is from Bloomington also and I lived there for 4 years. Have a lot of great friends there. Now, I'm 30 wks with our quads. We're getting close. Anyday could be the day. I have been very encouraged following you, and pray that our babies are healthy like yours. God Bless!