The Michaels' Quads

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Lauren is doing great!!! She just started crawling about a week ago and she is everywhere!!! I love it because now she can follow her siblings everywhere and she does!!! It is so sweet to see this little 13. 8 lbs crawling so fast. She def. has her own personality. She lets people know what she wants!
(1 day old)





(Lauren is on the far right)
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(we love this sweatsuit :) )


Thank you God for Lauren!!!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little girl!!!

The Patterson's said...

Such a big girl! I can't believe she is crawling around like her sisters and brother. What an amazing victory!

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your babies with all of us. They are all so precious. Happy early Birthday Gavin, Maggie, Reese and Lauren!!!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe tomorrow they will be 1! So crazy! I love all of these posts on the individual babies. I was LOL at this one with your comment on Lauren's sweatsuit, because I could just picture you saying it. They are all just's easy to see where they get it from :)

Jendie said...

Happy early Birthday Gavin, Maggie, Reese,and Lauren. I remember sitting in the NICU with Camden when the nurses were all buzzing around getting ready for your arrival. There was so much excitement around there that night. They were very excited (and nervous) about your arrival! How fast a year goes!!!

Jeanie Bree said...

Happy Birthday Gavin, Maggie, Lauren and Reese. It's been an amazing year!!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm publishing another comment because today is their actual birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY you 4 amazing kiddos! Can't wait to see the pics and you in person again! May all your birthday wishes come true!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the pictures of your adorable babes!!! I am working for the March of Dimes now and I share your blog with EVERYONE!!! Happy 1st Birthday Gavin, Reese, Maggie and Lauren!
~Amy (Myerscough) Schultz

Christina said...

Happy 1st Birthday Gavin, Maggie, Reese and Lauren!!

What an incredible and amazing year! I absolutely love these posts of each baby and their month-by-month pictures. What a sweet way to watch your precious babies grow! They are all absolutely beautiful and look so happy and healthy!

I hope today is a great first birthday!! :-)

Hope to see you all soon!! We miss you Michaels'!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Michaels' Quads! What an exciting day. They are adorable and look great! What amazing parents they have. Enjoy each day!
Ryan and Maureen Rubenstein:)