The Michaels' Quads

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Night!!

Everything went really well last night. Tiff's contractions subsided and, at one point, were down to 2 contractions in one hour. Excellent! Tiff got plenty of sleep (even though she has to turn over once every hour) and is feeling good this morning. Since she's been awake contractions have been about 6 per hour. We met with our RN, Melissa, who was encouraged by Tiff's progress. Since she had such a good night they have taken her off the catheter and allowed her to start eating food! Before this morning Tiff hadn't eaten anything or been able to get up since Saturday.

Tomorrow will be the babies 24 week birthday!! Awesome! Dr's consider this a great milestone to achieve! To celebrate the occasion Tiff was injected with a steroid shot:) around 10 a.m. to help with the development of the babies lungs, etc. In the same visit Tiff had a sonogram. Babies heartbeats still look great. They have sufficient fluid in their sacs so far. The cervix is measuring 1.80 cm, which is a little lower than what we'd love to have, but stable from where it was yesterday. Please pray for Tiff's cervix to remain as long as possible!

Well, I realize this entry is short, but everything is going as well as possible. I can't tell you how great it has been for Tiff to receive the texts, voicemails, e-mails, and blog entries. She loves to hear/read them all!! God is good!

Tiff and Jon


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and asking all other Believers I know to join me in prayer. We serve an awesome God! He will give you all you need to get through this one day at a time. I'm asking Him to sustain you with His love and peace.
Sincerely, Joyce Alison

Amy said...

Glad to hear that everything is on the upswing!! We will continue to pray for you all. Nathaniel and I say a pray each night for you guys! I know that you have a lot of people to help you out, but we are here too if you need anything at all.
The Roehrigs

Susie said...

Thinking of you. Glad to hear things are going better. Our prayers are with you, Jon and those precious babies.
Susie and Matt

Traci said...

Hey Tiff! We are praying for you, Jon and the little ones. I know how hard and boring it is to be on bedrest but it will all be worth it when you hold those little babies in your arms! We are glad to hear all the great updates on the blog. Take it easy!
Love, Dan, Traci, Jake and Phoebe

Summer said...

we just got your blog address from amy. we've been wondering about you guys & the quads! so glad to hear that they are healthy and doing so well! take it easy, tiff...and if you are up for visitors, let me know!! :)

Amy said...

Hi guys! I decided to do this instead of calling and taking up your time on the phone yet again today! Tiff - You are doing awesome! Keep it up! We are sooo proud of little peanut - tell her good growin'! Chad and I will be over to see you as soon as you are ready, and we have a video message to show you from the girls! They have really exciting news for you about...yes, food! Imagine that, huh?!!
Jon - next time you post on the blog, would you include Tiff's address there at the hospital - I know a lot of people would like to know where to send mail to her!!! Jon - give Tiff and those babies a kiss for us! We love you 6!
Amy Chad Kate and Meg

Anonymous said...

Jon and Tiff,
Can't wait to see you two tomorrow!! I have been praying for you both and the babies, as I know so many others have as well. You are right...God is definitley great! proud of you for being so strong these last few are doing awesome! Love you both, hope you both get some good sleep tonight. See ya tomorrow!
Much love,

brooke said...

Tiff and Jon--

We're so glad that things are improving. You and the little ones are constantly in our prayers. Take care.

Love--Greg and Brooke

Cam Sweeney said...

Tiff, Jon, and babies~
We are so glad to hear things are progressing well and continue to have you all in our prayers! Tiff, you are such a trooper- hang in there sister! I'll be thinking about you. Jon, thanks for keeping this site up to date- we love to check in on you guys :) Stay strong.
Cam, Todd, Murph and Jay

ali said...

Jon and Tiff you guys are such an awesome team! These babies are already SOOO blessed! That cannot be easy "sleeping" with a monitor on for this long - probably the least of your discomforts, too! The praise is to GOD that Tiff is such a trooper about everything! And Jon I can hear the love and support when I read your words in the blog, you are just what she needs! Hang in there you guys - you are both so wonderful. We lift the Michaels family up in prayer! (and p.s. keep things quiet and calm for Amy's sake!)

xoxo, the Kellers

Matt and Kelly Reynolds said...

We are cheering for those babies to grow :) Glad to hear everything is going well.

Matt and Kelly Reynolds

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff and Jon,
Tiffany you are amazing and such a strong woman. We are praying for you everyday. Stay strong! I am so sorry we can't come and visit considering we are all the way in Chicago but please know we are thinking of you constantly.
All our love,
Maureen and Ryan:):):)

James and Barb said...

Hey, Sweetie, we're so glad that you're doing better and being strong for the little guys. They're awfully lucky to have you and Jon to watch over and care for them. I guess you'll have plenty of time to catch up on TV and the like. I was thinking we might even make you a "Real Lake" or "American Idol" video, but I guess you better control the hysterical laughing -we'll save it for later.

Our prayers are with all of you each and every day. We love you all,

James & Barb

Melissa & Scott said...

Hey Mrs. Michaels ;-) Kelly shared your blog address with me this afternoon. Scott and I think of you often and wish you strength and rest. Rest being probably harder to come by!! There are never enough pillows to go under all the places that need pillows.

Lauren & Sydney miss you and enjoyed seeing pictures of you. It has been a wonderful way for me to tell stories to them of when they were in my tummy.

I used to say I had an octopus in there, I guess you have a 16-wheeler!!!

Pulling for you! Keep those little ones cooking. Did you ever think so many people would be praying for your cervix??? :-)

Melissa, Scott, Lauren & Sydney

Becky said...

Hey Tiff and Jon,
Tiff, are you sure you didn't start having contractions because of the excitement of the cheerleaders on saturday??? Putting you on the prayer chain at church tomorrow. Bobby and I will pray for patience and comfort for all 6 of you!! I'm still looking for that perfect home with a mother in law suite on both sides of the house!!!

Take care, Love, Becky

The Crowe Family said...

WOO! HOO! Tiffany, you are amazing! I can see the smile on your face each time the little peanut gives you a kick. Jon, what a blessing Tiff and the babies have been given to have you as their husband and Daddy. Continuing to pray!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany. I am praying for you, Jon, and your babies. My thoughts are with you every day and I hope things continue to get better. Take care! With love, Kristine (Bessette) Hill

Anonymous said...

Tiff and Jon,
Your positive attitudes and zest for life is so heartwarming. I think about you and your new family every day and pray for healthy babies (and a long cervix!)
Mira (Kaiser) Levy

Cindi said...

Just found out you're in the hospital. Glad to hear things are going better. Take care of yourself and those beautiful babies!!!!
Cindi & Bob

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!
Super Momma for sure!!
Love ya!
Sarah Thoren