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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hello All,

Tiff had some contractions this morning and later this afternoon so I worked from the lobby on our floor. Jan (Tiff's Mom) came up to keep Tiff company as well. To remedy the contractions nurses gave her a shot this afternoon that isn't near as strong as the Magnesium she was on when she was first admitted. Since the shot contractions have subsided. In the words of our nurse, Vanessa, Tiff is just going to be a "contractor". As long as they aren't big ones, we can live with that.
Tomorrow Tiff will have a sonogram so it will be exciting to see how much the babies have grown. I think we're even more intrigued by the size of Tiff's cervix. Continue to pray for the babies health and that Tiff's cervix lengthens.

I thought I would take a minute to talk about our accommodation's here at Carle. This portion of the hospital is one year old in February. We are blessed to have our own room, own bathroom (with shower), and nice flat screen T.V. Floors are all wood. They have rolled a bed in for me to sleep on as well:) The accommodation's are similar to a hotel room to be honest. All of this is a blessing considering we are considering this home for as long as possible. Security is pretty tight on our floor; nurses have to let you in and out. Food has been really good.

The nursing staff here is great. Everyone has been really helpful and personable. We are going to assume that they will be like family by the time we leave here. In my humble opinion you can start to see all the nurses rallying behind Tiff. It's Tiff's outgoing personality that is so infectious! Dr. Kehl came in around 7 p.m. this evening and is still encouraged by Tiff's progress. He keeps it simple - one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time:)

Tiff wants me to make sure I don't forget to thank everyone for their prayers, texts, e-mails, and phone calls. We love you all!


Amber said...

So glad to hear things are still going pretty well. Thank goodness you are able to work remotely, Jon. I'm sure that makes things a lot easier for you not having to worry about work! We'll continue to pray for you guys!! Take care and keep smiling, Tiff!!

Anne Pagliai said...

Hey Tiffany and Jon,
I think about you guys every day. I know you are in the best place with the best of care. Just hang in there and we will keep up the good thoughts. Tiff, you look beautiful.

brooke said...

Tiff, you look so great as always. I just love that you always have that big smile in every picture!! Keep hanging in there. We've got a lot of people praying for you guys. Keep cookin up those sweet little babies. They're a lucky bunch to have such awesome parents!!
Love ya--Greg & Brooke

Summer said...

thanks for sharing a little bit about your day with us! tif, i love your outite belly button! it's so cute when it pops, isn't it? just hang in there. we are praising God for your 4 little miracles!

Becky said...

Hi Tiffany and Jon,

Always that "cheerleading" smile. Wow, you're going to have your very own squad!!! I love the pictures, and keep thinking that your wish for a baby, has turned into 4 little miracles!! You and Jon are such a special couple, what support for each other!

Kassie said...

Tiff you look so cute. I love the pink outfit. I can't wait to come and see you guys this weekend. Get ready to start doing some exercises in bed! I keep thinking about the verse in Psalms that Christina posted earlier and how God continues to work on these babies in your womb. We know that He is in control and you guys know that everyone is praying for you, Jon and the four little ones.

Linda said...

Hi Tiffany ~ You and Jon are such an inspiration to everyone and we know that God is watching over you and your precious babies. You are so beautiful and have the most infectious smile . . . Hang in there and we'll continue to keep tabs on you! :)


Beth Harmony said...

Hello Michaels!

Much thanks to Katie Fulton for passing your blog on to me once again. Your story is truly amazing and I am praying for your 4 little babies and the two of you as well. Tiff you look as beautiful as ever! Being a mom will suit you so well. Many, Many warm and happy wishes for your upcoming adventure.

~ Beth Allen (Klossner, ZTA pledge class 99)

Dex & Lauri said...

Hi Tiff and Jon,

You continue to be in our thughts and prayers A LOT!!! Tiff - you look beautiful (as always). Glad Jon is able to be there with you most of the time. We're anxious to come visit you SOON!! Please,let us know if there is anything we can do for you back here, or if we can bring anything when we come down. We'll let you know when we plan to come just in case. Love you ALL!!
Dex and Lauri

Christina said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are going well. Tiff, you look adorable. I love seeing you pregnant - it's just so exciting!! I bet those nurses just love you guys. They're probably thrilled to be able to take care of such a sweet, upbeat girl for the weeks ahead. I'm sure most pregnant women aren't as nice as you! We're praying for you all everyday. We can't wait to come and see you both soon! We love you guys!

Patrick, Christina, Henry and William

Janet said...

Jon, Tiff I have been reading your blog for a few days now thanks to Pat C. We are in Fla. We are praying for you all. I went thru a similar experience 35 years ago but didn't know I had multiple babies. Delivered at 25 weeks and they weighed between 2 and 2.5. We received a blessing from God at that time and brought them home from the hospital when they were due. God is awesome and is hearing all the prayers going to HIM.
Janet Gardner (In case you don't remember Jon, I was ALWAYS wallpapering your houses??)

jerri the babysitter said...

Tiff, Jon & Babies,

We are praying for you all! Everyday, we are amazed by your progress!. Tiffany you are AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL! My 5 year (Emily Grace), as she listens to me read the blog, looks at the pictures, is saying "God is Great MOM!" She says "God will amaze us all with a healthy Birthday for these 4 babies". She says "GOD loves these 4 babies". Emily speaks from the heart and she has your (Tiffany) infectious personality and love for everyone she meets. You are an inspiration, as always! Keep up the Great Work! You are going to be the most amazing Parents!

In our thoughts and Prayers. With Love,

Jerri (Rardin) Lang & Family

I was one of the lucky ones who was a baby sitter for You, Risa & Kassie.

P.S. Tiffany, if my memory is right, your MOTHER is having a Birthday at the end of January. Please tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!