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Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31, 2008

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful winter weather. Tiff & I are enjoying the snow from the 10th floor of Carle Hospital. Great day to be indoors and covered up with blankets! This fits right into Tiff's day:)

Everything here is going wonderful. Tiff has been feeling great and (knock on wood) has had minimal complications over the last week. Yesterday Tiff had a sonogram and the babies are already working on their breathing, which is great news! On a scale from 1-8, 8 being the healthiest, all babies are measuring an "8" in terms of practicing breathing, sac fluid, heartbeats, and movement. We are both anxious for tomorrow to see how Tiff's cervix looks. Last cervix sono, on Monday, showed the cervix had actually grown 1cm in length. Any growth in length is a blessing! Thank you for your prayers for Tiff's cervix. Brad Boll, a friend of mine at work, cracked me up when he said he was having a difficult time explaining to his wife that he was praying for another womans cervix:) Needless to say, those prayers are being answered!

Next Monday (2/4) brings our growth sonogram. This sono only comes every other Monday. We are praying our little peanut (baby D) has continued to grow with her siblings. We are confident she is just going to be a little smaller than the rest and have to remember that each baby will have it's own unique characteristics. These are not identical quads so could be quite different in their appearance.

Next Tuesday we will celebrate the babies 26th week birthday!! Lori, one of our nurses, brought in a cake for the 24th week b-day and 4 baby bottles (3 pink caps and 1 blue cap) filled with candy for the 25th week b-day. We can't say enough about the support the staff has given us since we've been here.

Here's a picture of me putting together our last crib. About two hours later Tiff went into preterm labor. Just in the knick of time;)

Oh, as for the pole to the left, those who voted "Tiff didn't let Jon finish" were correct. A special "thanks" to those who voted I was able to finish in two minutes!

Thanks to everyone who has visited, been praying, sending cards, texting, calling and sending e-mails. They mean the world to Tiff and I!! We'll continue to keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying Hi back to me today when you were talking to your Mom at the end of the school day! I was like OMG Tiffany is on the phone!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I can't believe that she didn't let me talk to you for like 30 seconds!! That was a bummer...maybe another time!!!

Christina said...

Hi you guys!!

I'm so glad to hear that things are going so well. We are praying, praying, praying for all 6 of you! How exciting that your cervix grew!! It's amazing to hear how God is answering prayers. I'm just so happy that the babies are all doing well, too. What great great news to read!! We love you guys and pray for you everyday. We miss you!!

Patrick, Christina, Henry and William

Jan Spitz said...

Hey Tiff and Jon,
I love the baby bed! Thanks for sharing all you do with us! This snow has us homebound for the day. I don't mind. I get a lot done on days like email you! At school we have a "moment of reflection" each morning and, of course, you and your family are always a part of mine. You take care. Love, Jan

Eric said...

Hey Tiff and Jon,
I can't believe all of this, it just blows my mind. It is snowing like crazy here in Chicago as well. My mom told me the shower was coming up and she is excited. Just keep updating the site so I can stay in the loop and good luck. You guys are going to be some kick ass parents! Have a good day.

Eric Dawson

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff & Jon,
I'm glad someone is enjoying the snowing day there and I'm glad it's not me!! We're having a "colder" day for us 57 and sunny but we can't complain too much since we'll be back in the 70s the next week. Tiff you look great and you're doing awesome! You both are going to be great parents. Jon great job on the cribs they look beautiful! Take care and keep those babies growing!
Kelsey Maxwell

Todd and Cam Sweeney said...

Glad to hear all is going well for the 6 of you! We continue to pray for your quickly growing family. Murph is finally comprehending how Jon and Tiffany will have 4 babies at their house. She asks, "Mom, does that mean they have FOUR car seats, FOUR high chairs, FOUR cribs?" It's funny. I think you might have a future babysitter in her. Thanks for keeping us posted on all baby news. We think of you often. Stay strong.
The Sweeneys

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you guys on Thursday! I hope the benefit was a huge success tonight. It was so nice for your mom, Risa, and Kassie to stop by the NICU today.

Glad to hear that your cervix has lengthened. Way to go, Mama!! You are doing such a great job growing 4 babies. I'm impressed. Growing 2 was tiring enough :) You are so strong! Keep up the good work.

Love, Jessica and Benjie

Anonymous said...

Dear Tiffany and Jon,
I've been hearing about your news and just found out about this blog (aren't these great ways to keep in touch!). I just wanted you to know how much we're thinking of you two and your 4 little miracles. Though I certainly didn't experience what you are now, I was on bedrest with Kelly for 2 months and it was a true blessing that each and every day we got through was one more day that she was closer to that due date. Hang in there....and just keep the faith!

Susie and Bill Hay