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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Celebrating 6 Years in Chicago

Wow! What a weekend Tiff and I had. I have to say I have the sweetest wife in the world. On our anniversary (7/27)Tiff suprised me with 2 Cubs tickets vs. the Pirates for this Saturday. It gets much better than this, Tiff's friend, Andrea, works for the Cubs and was able to get us on the field to watch batting practice including a few snapshots in the dugout. During the middle of the 5th inning a message popped up on the scoreboard: "Happy Anniversary - Happy 6 Years Jon & Tiffany Michaels." Talk about a dream day for me! I can't forget to say "Thanks, Andrea!"

Also, thanks to my parents, my sister Kassie, and our great friend Kori Gettle for watching the quads while we were gone. You guys helped make everything possible for us this weekend.

Okay, after the game we traveled to downtown Chicago and bought tickets for the Sunday showing of the play Wicked. We were lucky enough to get 9th row. From downtown we went to the suburbs/Oakbrook and had dinner/dessert at the Cheesecake Factory followed by some shopping. To wrap up our perfect day we went to the Westin to relax, swim, and get a good nights rest. Our rest was so good we slept in until 10 a.m. Sunday. Something neither of us have done for a very long time.

On Sunday we made our way back downtown for a little more shopping and watched the play Wicked. Very cool musical/play. One of the best we've seen! From there we traveled home to see the kids. I think they grew over night!

In the dugout at Wrigley Field

Batters circle

We made it on the scoreboard!

Tiff just looks like a Cub fan!


Sweety Cassidy said...

Happy 6th birthday for you
and happy 6 month birthday for the quads

Anonymous said...

My husband would be so jealous!! Sounds amazing!!!

Emily/Randomability said...

Very cool!! Congratulations.

Can she hook us up with a field tour on our next game? LOL!!

Christina said...

What a great anniversary!! Happy 6th! It sounds like such a great weekend. And it was much deserved for both of you. Glad you got to sleep in, too!!