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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lauren Loves cheerleading!!

WE have been having such a great time these past couple of weeks. They are really showing their own personalties. Gavin is so layed back and loves to play and roll around on the ground. Reese has a mind of her own. She loves to have your attention. Maggie gets her feelings hurt very easily, but is constantly smiling at you. Lauren knows what she wants and if she is not getting what she wants she will let you know. Jon and I have also noticed they are really starting to notice each other. They will smile and laugh at each other. This morning Reese was trying to hold Lauren's hand!! It was just so sweet. They just love each other so much!

Gavin loves rolling around!
Watching Baby Einstein
Reese does not love getting her picture today, she is so cute!
They are cheering on the USA during the olympics! They loveing watching it on TV.

Last week Aunt Risa came to visit and we discovered that Lauren loves cheerleading!!! Yay!!! Aunt Risa would do cheers and Lauren would laugh and at the end she would say "again!" Here is a video of it.


Anonymous said...

Loved the new pictures!! The babies are so adorable!! Bless you all!

Christina said...

This video of Lauren totally cracks me up. I love that Lauren is laughing so hard, and I love even more that Aunt Risa is in the background doing cheers!! How funny! :-) I think cheerleading is definitely in her future!


Feely Children said...

Jon and Tiffany ~

What a beautiful family you have! They all are too cute! That video is hilarious! Can't wait to view more pictures. Take care.

The Feelys