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Monday, February 4, 2008

"They Met, They Married, They Multiplied!"

What an amazing weekend for Tiff, myself, and our family to come! Saturday night I attended a "baby shower" at Entourage in Bloomington which my sister, Kassie, and good friend Kori Gettel put together on our behalf. (Kassie and Kori in the picture above)

I was absolutely shocked to show up and see over 300 close friends and family. Most everyone was wearing T-shirts (pink or blue) which had on the back "They Met. They Married. They Multiplied."
Merge, an amazing band, played all night. There was a silent auction in which several local business and friends donated packages and a diaper drive at the door.

(Picture to the right - The Doran's, Fletcher's, and Jon's parents)
Everything went so smooth and we both feel so blessed for everyones attendance and generosity.
Unfortunately, Tiff had to stay behind in Champaign so there was a definite void Saturday night. Jan, Tiff's mom, stayed with her while we were at Entourage. Sunday Kori and Kassie brought the video, pictures, and details of the shower. Tiff loved it all!

Today was our target sonogram which gives us the weight of each baby. A (boy) = 2 lbs 4 oz
B = 1lbs 15 oz C= 2lbs D= 1lbs 4 oz.
Weight gained in the last two weeks: A 4 oz, B 8 oz, C 7 oz, D 2 oz.
All heart beats look good, remaining sac fluid looks good, and all are active. Dr. Kehl seems please with the progess of the babies. Tiff and I were a little concerned Baby D has only grown 2 oz, but Dr. Kehl alleved some of those concerns by indicating that sometimes the smallest babies are the healthiest. He's not worried now, but we do need her to gain weight!

Tiff continues to be amazing, always positive and high on life. As a matter of fact, she went the whole night without contractions Sunday evening/Monday morning.
A great example of prayers being answered: Her cervix has remained stable, no change in size! We thank everyone for their generosity, e-mails, texts, phone calls and most of all prayers.
Tomorrow brings 26 weeks! Just one more milestone complete!
Love you all! Jon & Tiff


Amber said...

Hey was a great showing on Saturday night at Entourage. Jason and I had a nice time visiting with you, Jon, and Dexter & Laurie and Chad & Lisa. Glad to hear things are continuing to go well - such an answer to prayer! We'll keep praying for all 6 of you. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff! Glad to hear the babies are growing, growing, growing! I know with my girls I always felt they grew the most at the end so maybe "D" will start outgaing the rest! Hang in there! We had so much fun on Sat. So wish you could've been there! Jon did a nice job representing you all...Miss You! XOXO to the babies and you ( I guess Jon too :) ) Love, Busing

Kori said...

Hey Tiff and Jon! Thanks for giving me a spot on your blog! How exciting. I want you to know I absolutely love the two of you...and when you have your next set of quads I'd be happy to throw you another party! God Bless!!

Love, Gettel

Christina said...

Hi Tiffany and Jon!

I'm so happy to hear how the babies are growing. So if my math is right, that means there is 7 lbs, 7 ounces of babies growing in you!! Just affirms that Tiff, you truly are a superwoman! I think it's so neat that you get to see how much they've grown and changed in your weekly ultrasounds. It will be so neat to be able to look back at all of those pictures and see how they've grown into the sweet little babies that you'll soon be holding. We're praying that they will keep packing on those pounds (or ounces!) and that sweet little peanut will catch up to her big brother!!

Also, Saturday night was so much fun. We really missed you Tiff--you were in our thoughts that night. I just think it was such a testament to how many lives you two have impacted. You are both such amazing people and we're so inspired by your faith and continued trust in God. He definitely chose two amazing people to raise these four babies.

Praying for you all and love you!

Christina, Patrick, Henry and William

Anonymous said...

Tiffany & Jon I am very happy for the two of you soon to be a very sweet family . Tiffany I have been wanting to let you know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers every since I heard th exciting news. I told Becky I f any one that I know can handle this with such spirit its our Tiffany you still have a very big spot in my heart and all of our family. Sweetie we love you and are thinking and praying for you .Congratulations QUAD STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love. Aunt Judy Craig

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff good to hear things are going so good for you all. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers and always looking for to all the good news and updates you give. Hang in there!! Everyday day and week is so important and exciting!!

Take care and love ya!!
Kathy & Warren Dale

Sarah_Thoren said...

Tiffany, Jon, Baby A, Baby B, Baby C, and Baby D...I love you!!!!!!!!
Sarah Thoren

We prayed for you at youth group worship band practice!!