The Michaels' Quads

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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Her is Reese!! She is so funny. Her new thing is to laugh out loud. She loves to make herself laugh. She puts a smile on my face several times a day!!


2 Days Old!!

One week old





I did not have an individaul pic of her. She is on the far right.






Thank you God for Reese!!


Today I thought I would highlight a baby every couple of days since they are almost 1!!! I can't believe how much they have changed and grown into such healthy little babies. We give the glory to God every day!!! I started with Gavin since he is the oldest!!




Gavin came home!!!



Notice we were on monitors- We were so excited the day those left our house!!!





He is in a very random outfit.


Holding his bottle with one hand! What a stud!

Trying on his new hat from Grandma Michaels.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

11 Months!!!

I can't believe the quads are almost a year!! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was laying at Carle Clinic watching every minute of the Australian open. What a difference a year makes!!!! We are truly blessed with how well our babies have done over the past year.

Here is what we have been up to the past week!!! First we all watched as President Obama was sworn into office.

Second, Maggie was so tired she fell asleep sitting up. She is sooo flexible!

Around bedtime it can get a little crazy around here, so to make everyone happy Jon and I strap one baby on and then each hold another. Everyone is happy!!

Jon with Lauren
Reese and I

Everyone playing this morning in the kitchen.

Maggie pushing Lauren around the family room. She is such a good sister!!!
We started taking baths together. All I have to say is this is an experience. Gavin acts like he is swimming in a pool by himself. He is swimming, splashing, and drinking every bit of water he can. He is doing all of this as if he has the place to himself. Gav is so funny, he just has a blast!! They all love the water, the girls are just a little more dainty and calm.
Gavin started on the other end of the tub right before this pic was taken :)

Reese and Maggie

For a second we had all four in the tub. Gavin is just leaving:)
Gavin is getting his two upper teeth. This is his new favorite toy!!
Have a wonderful weekend and please remember to keep Kayleigh in your prayers!!! They are deciding whether or not to use a trach.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We have had a very busy week!! Monday we went to Urbana to see Dr. Lowery to follow up on their eyes. The babies did great! We left the house around 1:00 so they could sleep in the car during their second nap time. The eye appointment took around an 1 1/2 because they had to dilate their eyes 20 mins. before seeing Dr. Lowery. The first set of drops went great, but they knew what to expect the 2nd time and needless to say they were not as happy. They did great, though!! It was just hard because there was no where for them to go. I was not about to let them start crawling around on the ground, YIKES!! Jon and I took turns holding them and trying to keep their attention. Reese and Lauren do not have to come back!! Their eyes are doing great! I was nervous for Lauren since she was on the vent for so long that there could be eye trouble. (A severe side effect can be blindness) Thank you God!!! We are truly blessed everyday!! Gavin and Maggie both are a little far sided. Dr. Lowery believes they will outgrow this, he will see them back in a year.

We went back to Urbana on Thursday to see Dr. Morton to follow up on their development. This appointment was in the morning. There was no way our babies were going to be able to sit in their car seats for another two hrs. So this time I disinfected the room completely and laid down a huge blanket. It worked out so well. I am sure the nurses probably thought I was crazy for setting up camp, but our babies were much happier. I have to say Jon is the best dad!! Not many dad's could keep three hungry and tired babies busy while I was with Dr. Morton during each babies checkup. Everyone at Dr. Morton's office was so impressed with how well the babies are doing. The Pt thought they would just be starting to sit. Reese and Maggie checked out with flying colors. Dr. Morton would like to see Gavin gain a little weight to keep up with his height. He would like for Lauren to see a nutritionist. She also has a little low tone in her trunk that he thinks she will out grow. I am still doing extra exercises with her to increase her strength!! Please pray that area will get stronger!!!!

I have also added another link to blogs we follow. It is Kayleigh's story, she was born at 1lb 1oz. and is 6mos. old and still in the nicu. Please keep her in your prayers at night!!!!! She seems to be quite the little fighter.

Here are a couple of photos from today:)

Gavin riding his bear. He is a tough one to catch smiling!!
Now Reese will always smile for a picture!

Gavin just took Maggie's pacifier

Lauren, she is so sweet. She is trying soooo hard to crawl. She gets so frustrated because her siblings are everywhere and she wants to keep up! It breaks my heart!!!

Maggie got her first bruise today. She was looking out the front window and fell. It is hard to see here, but it is on her left cheek.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pray for the King Family

I have just come across this wonderful family. They just had 25 week old quads a couple of days ago. PLEASE pray for the King family and their sweet babies. They are just getting ready to start a hard journey in the NICU.

You can send them thoughts and prayers on their blog at

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

The Michaels family had a wonderful Christmas!!! We spent Christmas eve with Grandpa and Grandma Michaels, Aunt Kassie and Great Aunt Ginny. The babies did great!!!
The girls sitting at Grandpa and Grandma Michaels house with their new stocking caps. Thanks Miss Wilson!! We love them!!

Gavin crawled into Grandma Michaels' basket with the Apple to Apples game!

Here is the entire gang at Christmas with the Michaels, minus Aunt Kassie.
Christmas Day we took off during their morning nap and went to Grandma and Grandpa Samuels house. We stayed for several days!! I have to say the quads adjust so well to staying at new places, especially since they never do it.

Reese climbing on her gift from Aunt Kassie and Uncle Clint. Gavin is on his way!!!

My sisters and I in our Christmas pajamas. Yes, our mom still gets us matching pajamas.

The babies in their Christmas pajamas. Thanks Aunt Risa!!

It was so nice on Saturday we took the babies outside to see the geese. I think we might have scared the geese away.

Jon and Gavin walking around my parents backyard. Notice the geese are gone :(

Aunt Risa reading a bed time story. They love listening to books. Notice Gavin is out of sight. He usually takes off during book time

Reese and Maggie looking out the front window.

Lauren looking at herself in the mirror. She loves this game!!

We went to the Dr. on Wed. for their RSV shots. Our current weights are:

Gavin: 18 lbs 3 oz

Maggie: 17lbs 12 oz

Reese: 17 lbs 10 oz

Lauren: 13 lbs 4oz

They are growing very well!! We are so blessed.

Happy New Year!!!!