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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

27 WEEKS!!!

It's been a great day thus far. What an accomplishment for Tiff to reach 27 weeks. I attribute this to her being such a rule follower and following every instruction the doctors and nurses have given her. There is nothing more Tiff could be doing that she isn't already. That being said, contractions have slowed down, it has been a much better day emotionally, and Tiff has not had a terb shot since 2 a.m. this morning. We like to think that the last couple of days have just been a big growth spirt!

Tomorrow Tiff will have another sonogram to look at breathing, fluid, heartbeats, and movement of all the babies. Hope all is well with the world outside of Hotel Carle!


Anonymous said...

Hello from the Stanley's. We feel so honored to have our picture on such an important web site! It's great to hear that you are celebrating 27 weeks. Ellie sends her love. Our prayers and thoughts are with the six of you.

Anonymous said...

Tiff and Jon- I wore my shirt all day today!!!!! GO TEAM MICHAELS!!!
love you!
Sarah Thoren

Brooke said...

Hey guys!! 27 weeks...woo hoo!! That's so awesome. Tiff, you are doing such an amazing job and Jon, you are such a great support. I know you keep hearing this..and now you're going to hear it from me.. you both are such an inspiration. Keep doing what you're doing. All 6 of you are in our prayers! Love--Brooke & Greg

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 27 weeks!! I am thrilled for all of you! Tiff, you are so strong and truly amazing. Jon, you are being so supportive through all of this! You truly deserve many blessings! We love you! Chris, Lisa, Sydney, and Lily

Anonymous said...

Tiff and Jon, It is good to hear that you are having a better day. It sounds like you both are doing wonderful. What an inspiration you both are, the support and love that you guys give to eachother is just awesome, makes me tear up a litte. Well, I hope you are still doing great and have a wonderful valentine's day.
All six of you are in our prayers and we all send our love from Behtalto,

Lori Hasquin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff! (and Jon!) Glad to hear that you are having a better day!Good job on making it to 27 weeks! You are amazing Tiff! You guys are going to be the best parents ever!!! I think about you guys every day and you are in my prayers! Love, Stacy Hanks

Anonymous said...

Hello Tiffany and Jon,
We haven't met you yet but think the world of your dad and mom. Many of us at Lincoln College are keeping you and the little ones in our prayers. Your poor dad is constantly barraged by questions about how you are doing. On second thought, I don't think he minds at all! We'll look forward to meeting all of you (6) before too long.
Jean Ann and John Hutchinson

Kelly said...

Tiffany and Jon, You are at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. We are just wondering if there is any change in little Lauren and if you made it home okay. Love you lots. Tiff if you need someone to spend time with you on Monday or Friday at the hospital in between your time with the babes just call me. Love you both bunches, The Vilardos