The Michaels' Quads

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quad Squad has Arrived!!

Hi All,

As of 10:31 p.m. Tuesday night (2/19/08) our family of 2 became 6! We are so blessed! Everyone, including Mom, are doing well. I will blog more tomorrow with pictures/details, but wanted to give you names and weight:

(A) Gavin Christopher (2 lbs 13 oz) 10:29 p.m.

(C) Reese Suzanne (2 lbs 3 oz) 10:30 p.m.

(B) Maggie Ray (2 lbs 8 oz) 10:31 p.m.

(D) Lauren Kay (1 lbs 7 oz) 10:31 p.m.

Everything went soooooo smooth after Tiff's water broke (Gavin's sac). Our team here at Carle are absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for all your continued prayers!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I've been thinking of you guys all day long (as have a ton of others!) We are so thrilled for your new family!
Glad everything went smooth. We will keep praying for everyone's health! Love, Stacy, Erik and Cameron Hanks

Vicki said...

Congratulations! I am so thrilled that everything went well. May God bless you all and keep everyone happy and healthy.
Love ya,
Vicki Boles

Traci said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We are so excited for you - everyone's prayers have been answered! We will continue to keep all 6 of you in our prayers! Thanks for sharing with us - can't wait to see the pictures! Congrats - you are both amazing!!
Dan, Traci, Jake and Phoebe

Melissa & Scott said...

How wonderful!!! The girls were especially jazzed at school today when they heard that you chose the names Lauren and Reese (Sydney's middle name). I'm almost speechless about the wonder of all of this.

We're just so very happy for you and hope your NICU experience is just as short and healthy for those little ones as possible.

Hugs - Melissa, Scott, Lauren & Sydney Casey

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!! I heard earlier this evening and am glad to hear everything is going so good. We will still keep your family in our prayers. Once again, congrats to the new mom and dad.

Kristi (Hildebrand) Foerster

Pierre said...

Congrats to you! So happy to read that everything went well, had been praying for you from Montreal! Can't wait to see the whole family in Bloomington!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you and your new bundles of joy!

We can't wait to see pictures of your new little peanuts and eventually hold them in our hands!

May God continue to bless you all. Our prayers continue for happiness and health!

Hugs from us and all the rest of the BHS Cheer moms and girls!!!

Laura and Staats

Jan Spitz said...

Congratulations Micahaels' Quad Squad!I have prayed all night Tues. (didn't sleep much) and all day Wed. for this team! God bless you all. I am so happy for you. You, of course, will remain in my prayers for health, weight gain (the babies not Jon and Tiff), and happiness. You will forever be a part of my heart. Love, Jan Spitz

Rosie said...

Congratulations! We're so happy to hear that everything went smoothly! We'll continue to pray for a healthy recovery & NICU stay for all! Best Wishes!
Rosie, Dan & Dominic Lozano

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing blessing. I am so happy to hear that all 6 of you are doing well, and will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
Amy (Myerscough) Schultz

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! I can't wait to see the photos and those beautiful babies! Way to go Team Michaels and a big welcome to Gavin, Reese, Lauren, and Maggie! XOXO-Busing

P.S. Kaylee was very excited to hear the babies were (this is a direct qoute) "out of Tiff's tummy and cleaned up just like me when I was a baby!"

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!! We've been thinking of you and praying for you and the fam every day. We're so exciting for you!!!

The Freys

Anonymous said...

God is AWESOME! Congratulations on the birth of your little ones! Love the names especially Gavin! I will continue to pray for good health and growth!

Brooke said...

Congratulations guys!! What an answer to prayer! We'll keep praying that things continue to go so well. I absolutely love the names! Can't wait to see pictures. Miss ya and love ya!

Greg & Brooke

jessica stranz said...

Congrats Tiff and John! I'm sure the NICU staff is doing an amazing job.... those ladies are wonderful! Take care and be sure to get your rest.

Keeping everyone in my prayers. I'm praying for an uneventful and short NICU stay for your 4 little sweeties.
Love, Jessica and Benjie

Christina said...

A big CONGRATULATIONS!! And Hallelujah! We are so overjoyed to hear that Gavin, Maggie, Reese and Lauren have arrived. We're just thrilled. What darling names you guys! Henry is also super excited that the babies are out of Tiff's tummy and can't wait to meet these 4! He's calling Gavin, "Bavin". We love you all..all 6 of you Michaels. We'll continue to pray for these 4 miracle babies and a speedy recovery for Tiff.

We love you!

Christina, Patrick, Henry and William

rachael said...
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rachael said...

Congratulations & welcome to the world Gavin, Reese, Maggie & Lauren!

I will be praying for a quick recovery for the new mom and a safe and healthy (not to mention short) NICU stay for the little ones.

Mel said...

There are so many people praying for you guys! I know you don't know me. I am a friend of Amber's. What an awesome blessing!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited and overjoyed that things went so well. Continued prayers for everyone in the family! Michelle, Chris, Addison & Owen Gruener

Kristine said...

What a miracle!!!! Congrats. We are so happy for you guys and can't wait to see pictures. I am sure the little girls are as beautiful as their mommy and Gavin as handsome as Jon:)

YEAH....The Michaels Family of 6!!!

Love, Kristy, Tim and Joanna Brylka

Mike said...

I'm so glad everyone and everything is going well. It would have been interesting if the babies were born next week (02-29) and then the quads would have birthdays every four years!

The Crowe Family said...

Our prayers certainly continued to be answered... and they won't stop! Our God is so amazing - bringing you, Tiff, through this pregnancy with such an amazing attitude and for giving Jon the strength and peace that passes all understanding. We are so grateful!

Welcome to Gavin, Maggie, Reese, and Lauren. The prayers continue from Colorado!

We love you all,
Jon, Anneke, Jack & Hannah

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Jon and Tiff!!! I am so excited for your new family...what a blesssing! My prayers are with all of you for a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see you guys!!

Andrea :)

Anonymous said...

How marvelous is the handiwork of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Congratulations on the arrival of your new family! Praise Him for the safe arrival of each one of your children; going from 2 to 6 - - WOW! I'm continuing to pray and asking others to join me. Much love, Joyce Alison

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! How exciting, I am so happy to hear that all 5 of your are doing great. Tif, I hope your recovery goes fast and smooth. I can't wait to see pictures. You guys were the highlight at family dinner last night.
All of our love from Bethalto :)
Lori Hasquin

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you and your new family! I am so sorry I did not get to see you both last weekend, but Jason and I will be in town again this weekend and if all is well we will call and see if you are up for a visit! Miss ya and thinking about you! Love, Hallie and Jason

Amy said...

Welcome to the world little ones. Take care of yourselves and your new little ones and enjoy life!!
The Roehrigs

Susan Brewick said...

CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES! Take care of yourselves and your 4 beautiful babies!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Everyone here in my office has been watching the website for updates and we are glad to hear the great news. I will continue to prayer for speedy recovery and everybody's health. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures and your family coming home to Bloomington. Love, Karol

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and thankful everyone is healthy!!!! Congrats.

Penny Blaine RImdzius

Anonymous said...

A huge congratulations to you all! We are extremely happy to hear that everyone is doing well! You have been in our thoughts and prayers! Tiffany-my dad was especially worried about your health-so when I read the blog last night-I made sure to give him a call to ensure him that everyone was okay! We will continue praying for you guys and a speedy recovery! Can't wait to see pictures! What a blessing to now be a mommy and daddy with your 4 new little ones!

Allison (Krietemeier) and Chris Walden

Dex & Lauri said...

CONGRATULATIONS Tiffany and Jon!!!
We are so happy for your new family! The quads have the BEST Mommy and Daddy (and grandparents too)! Can't wait to see more pictures (Dex got a peek at the first ones).

We'll continue to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.
Love you all,
Lauri and Dex

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of your four little miracles! Can you believe they're really here? I am so happy for you and will continue to pray for you and the babies. Love, Kristine Bessette Hill

Anonymous said...

We are have been jumping for joy at the Johnson house!!!!Great job Tiffany and Jon! Our prayers are with you, Gavin, Reese, Lauren and Maggie.

Matt, Susie and Teddy

Andria said...

Congratulations on your foursome! May you all continue to be in good health.

Just a quad-blog freak in California. Found you through Suz's blog, I think.

God bless,

Suzanne said...

yay! congrats guys! so excited for you and your four little blessings!!! if you need anything! please don't hesitate to email/call whatever! the NICU will be a roller-coaster ride, but just continue to lean on God through everything! much love!

Collegegirl said...

CONGRATS!!! May God continue to bless your four beautiful babies!
You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! So very happy to hear the news we were all waiting to hear. It's truly miraculous and we couldn't be happier for you, Tiffany and John, as well as Grandma Jan (getting used to that?) and Grandpa Rick, and all the rest of the families.
God bless you all...
Barb and Larry Quinlan & family

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that we've been thinking and praying for you this whole time and were so happy to hear about your healthy bundles of joy. I knew if anyone could do it it would be TMichs....

Ashley and Dustin Battas

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! What an amazing blessing! We are all excited - Maggie is especially excited to meet Baby Maggie (& the other babies) and bring you Jimmy Johns! She came home last night telling us that your babies were "borned yesterday." All our best - Katy, Walt, Michael & Maggie Kraft

Anonymous said...

To the Michael's Family!
WOW! What an amazing time for your family. Gavin, Reese, Maggie, and Lauren- you are so lucky to have the parents that you do- they are such wonderful people. Tiff and Jon- I could not think of two more beautiful people to be blessed with this miracle. All the love and health to your family.
Ryan and Maureen

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Michaels'
From Rockford, IL
I am so happy to hear your story and that you have 4 new family members. What a huge blessing to Jon and Tiff, but also your family and friends.

I am a dear friend of Christina Vance and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for about over 20 years. I saw your blog on her blog and started finding out about you both.

I have a 2 year old boy, Preston and he was a premie and stayed in NICU for 10 day. It was hard to leave him behind every night, but I am so glad he had some great doctors and nurses. I will continue my many prayers for your family and can't wait for updates on your blog. Please take care of yourselfs and your babies. With love Lisa Swanson

happyfamof4 said...

Congratulations proud mommy & daddy! We haven't ever met but I'm one of the OB nurses here at Carle. Glad that everyone is doing well; I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! God is truly amazing...what a miracle your little ones are! Ooooh and I love their names!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So thrilled for everyone about the babies! I am a friend of Becky Huizer's and I met you guys one time at an open house in Fox Creek. I will continue with prayers. I am so thrilled for all of you.
Margie Simmons