The Michaels' Quads

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I wanted to give everyone a quick update! Friday night/Saturday morning we were pretty confident the Quads were going to be here. It started early Friday afternoon with Tiff noticing some bleeding. This eventually subsided, but then her contractions became more and more frequent that they kept increasing her medication. At this point Dr. Kehl decided to go ahead with the second round of steriod shots just in case. He liked to space the steroids a month apart and we were just a day or two away from a full month, so he decided to go ahead a couple days early. As Friday progressed Tiff was contracting so frequently they maxed her dosage of magnesium to a level 4. All of our parents were here throughout the night ready to be on hand should the delivery take place. Thankfully, Saturday late morning things started to stabalize and the babies are still with Tiff. Awesome! They completely took her off magnesium since her mag levels were to high. She is back on her typical oral medicine and things have continued to remain stable. Huge blessing.

We spoke with Dr. Kehl this morning and he is taking it a day at a time. We will have to live with the fact that Tiff is a contractor. As long as she is not feeling the contractions (which she isn't) we'll continue to plug along. We set our goals on reaching week 28 (Tuesday - 2/19) at this point. Every day we can get is huge in terms of development. Tomorrow is our growth sonogram so we'll be able to see how much the babies have grown in length and weight. We're still praying for baby "D" and her weight to of increased from 1.4 oz.

Tiffany and I would like thank everyone for their prayers, texts, blogs, e-mails, phone calls, and cards! We apologize if we haven't gotten back to anyone, but please know we are reading and listening to all your messages!

Also! - Thank you Kristy and Pam for calling me ASAP and staying calm while I was still in Bloomington Friday!

God Bless! We appreciate all your prayers!


Jan Spitz said...

Hi Tiff and Jon,
Wow! Do you have busy nights! I am so glad that both parents have been there to see you all through. What magnificent families you both have. I can hear Jan now, planning and smiling and loving you 6! Please know that I pray each day and appreciate your including us with this blog page. Have strength. It's been a long road but the prize is worth it all.
Love, Jan Spitz

Amber & Jason said...

Oh my gosh!!! I was wondering how things were going. Hopefully they will call down and Tiff will be able to hold those babies in a while longer. We're continuing to pray for all six of you - that contractions would slow down, for Tiff's comfort, and for these babies to continue to grow and develop. Take care of yourselves and keep us updated!
Amber & Jason

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear things have calmed down and those babies are still with Tiff. It's amazing...this whole process, even from an outsiders view. We are so proud and excited for you two, knowing how much you have wanted this for so long. You six remain in our prayers.
The Sweeneys

Anonymous said... two really know how to live it up on the weekends, huh? Well I hope all stays calm and that the sonogram goes awesome tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you all! Keep up the Faith and Strength...Love, Busing

Anonymous said...

How gracious God is to continue to keep those babies safe in Tiffany's womb. He will continue to minister to both of you as you wait for your precious deliveries. May His peace sustain you day-by-day. Continuing to pray . . . Joyce Alison

Anonymous said...

Tiff and Jon: hi, I read each day with interest as to how all of you are holding up. Such a miracle. Remember all those times we were going to get together, Tiff, with Vicki B., now we will have to come to the house and help.

I think of you every day with prayers, anticipation and love.

With love, Mary Anne Arnett