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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Here's how the biggest day in our lives transpired:

Happy 28th!! - Our parents came up to celebrate 28 weeks of the Quads staying in Tiff's belly.
Then, around 8 p.m. Lori, our nurse for the evening, and the rest of the staff on duty, surprised us with a 28 week party. We popped some Grape Welches bubbly and celebrated.

About 10 minutes after this picture was taken Gavin's sac broke and there was a pretty good feeling from everyone that this could be the moment we've been waiting over three years for!
Dr. Wagner was on duty and took Tiff back to the Operating Room , on our floor , to examine Tiff's cerclage. Results - one stitch had already come apart and the other was not too far away. Dr. Wagner came back to our room and gave us the news and told me to scrub up and get ready - TIFF's GOING TO DELIVER!! She indicated if they attempted to remove the second stitch Gavin would be heading down the Panama:) Myself, our parents, and Dr. Wagner all prayed together and I headed back to the OR with Tiff.

I know it sounds cliche for us, but everything was so smooth. God truly blessed us through the next two hours. There was so much going on behind the scenes, but Tiff and I were at peace with everything! We had previously requested, when the time comes, we wanted our nurses, Vanessa, Lori, Maggie and Tina (left to right below)to be there. They all made it in time to scrub in. This was such a calming factor for the two of us. We've loved them like family over the past month!
The only other person we still needed was Dr. Kehl. He later informed us that he got "the call" just after bringing his daughter home from a performance she had. He high tailed it from his home about 20 minutes away and was there for the delivery. Another calming factor for us! (Below: He and Tiff just prior to the c-section.)

Okay ..........

Gavin Christopher (above)

Reese Suzanne (above)

Maggie Ray (above)

and last, but not least: Lauren Kay

All babies are doing well. Gavin is breathing on his own already. Maggie, Reese, and Lauren are on ventilators, but doing well and holding stable. Reese and Maggie are getting real close to being off the ventilator...just a little ways to go. Lauren is so active and opens her eyes more than all four. She will probably be on the ventilator longer than her sisters, but it's already evident she's going to be a feisty little thing!

Tiff is still healing from her c-section, and has already been doing some walking today. Hard to believe that until yesterday she hadn't taken more than three steps in over a month. Just a small walk to the bathroom puts her out of breath.

We've been able to be around the quads in the NICU as long as we like. Tiff and I have been able to touch them. In fact, Gavin is doing so well Tiff was able to snuggle up with him for an hour today

While everyone is doing great we still appreciate all your prayers! Our babies are still just little tykes with possibly a couple of months to go before they can come home. We are expecting some up and downs, but have complete faith in God's plan.

We are reading your blogs, texts, and e-mails. Thank you and keep them coming!!


Amber & Jason said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and update...those babies look so beautiful!!! I can't imagine the emotions you have been through the last couple days, but I know you are just so excited they are here! The babies will do great, again, congrats!

Amy said...

Tiff you look great and are such an amazing women! I am so glad that God blessed you with 4 beautiful babies and gave you the support that you needed at the most piviotle time in your life! We are all praying and hoping that all continues to well and can't wait to see you all.
The Roehrigs

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the both of you! What a wonderful and memorable day! What beautiful babies - they are so lucky to have the two of you as parents. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers and hope to stop by soon to see you!
The Hollands

Jen said...

Congratulations!! Those 4 babies are a true blessing from God! Tommy and Nicholas are blowing kisses to all 6 of you. Tommy says "he is so happy Gavin is breathing on his own". We continue to say prays for you all each and every night! Thanks for the pictures, they are absolutely amazing!
The Manning Family (Tommy, Nicholas, Jen, & Doug)

The Murray Crew said...

They look great. They are doing so well, great job guys, you did it!

You guys have just begun what will be one of the most exciting years of your life! It is hard work, but the first year of life was so rewarding for us.

We would love to get to know you guys, especially since you are so close geographically.

Praying for you and your little gifts!

The Murray Quadruplets

Anonymous said...

What BEAUTIFUL babies...not that anyone would expect any different! Great job you guys! I love that you are starting to be able to snuggle-up with YOUR children. Definitly worth the wait! XOXO-Busing

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, Your babies are absolutely precious. Tiff and Jon you both look great. I can't wait to see all of you and meet the little ones for the first time. I will continue to pray for good health for you all. Congratulations again, it is truly an awesome blessing.
Lots of Love,
Lori Hasquin

Anonymous said...

Jon and Tiff, my eyes watered when I saw the pictures of the babies! My cup runneth over with joy for your family! What a blessing! I will continue to pray for all 6 of you!
Chan, Chuck and Gavin

Brooke said...

This is so great you guys!!! I just can't tell you how happy we are for you. I can't think of two better people to be the parents of those precious little ones. Thanks for posting the pictures. The babies are just beautiful!! As're in our prayers.

Greg & Brooke

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new family! I love the play by play on the blog and I have read it like 10 times already this morning! The pictures are SO cute and Tiffany, you look WONDERFUL! We love you all so much and can't wait to meet the quads! They'll be running around in our backyards with Sydney and Lily before you know it! :)
Love, Chris, Lisa, Sydney, and Lily

Allison said...

Congratulations Tiffany! I am so extremely happy for all of you and that you all are doing well. I was talking to my mom last night saying how amazing life evolves and that I am sure you NEVER thought when we were young gitty teenagers that you would have 4 beautiful babies at once. This is all such a blessing and my thoughts are with you everyday.

Love, Allison Smith

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The babies are just beautiful! Everytime I think of you guys, I just think "WOW!" You guys are truly amazing! Tiff, even though you are sore, I bet it does feel great to be able to get up and move around! We will continue to keep you in our prayers. Love, Hanks

Traci said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures - such an amazing and beautiful journey you are on!! Jake loved the picture of the footprints. When I told him Mrs. Michaels had her babies he said "All 4 of them?" Again, we are so happy for all of you and our prayers continue to be with all 6 of you!
Dan, Traci, Jake and Phoebe

Emily said...


Bryan, Emily, Chrstian & Kaitlyn

Jeanie Bree said...

Wow, that's all we can so is WOW!! What an amazing journey your family is going through and with such incredible faith. Everyone looks fantastic!! We can't wait to meet the little ones.
Love, Jeanie, Dan and Olivia

rachael said...

The babies are just beautiful! And I am so happy to hear that they are doing well; you did such an amazing job carrying those little ones safely to 28 weeks!

I will continue to pray for a safe and healthy journey through the NICU.

Heather Braswell said...

I heard about your little blessings from a lady at my mom's office. I'm so excited for you and glad to know you're doing well. Congratulations!
Heather Braswell

Kristine said...

Tiff and Jon:

What a miracle. Seeing those pics brings tears to my eyes! They are all beautiful!!! How long are the two of you going to be staying at the clinic? In know the babies will have a longer stay, but how about you guys?


Kristy Brylka

Angie said...


Its Angie aka Holmer! I am SO SO SO happy for you and Jon and so glad to hear you are doing well and of course that the babies are all healthy! Kassie told me (via facebook of course, where I get all my information) that you were having quads---You are going to be the greatest mom in the whole world---you are so bubbly, fun, and your positive nature is infectious to everyone around you. Those babies are in for some laughs! You and the 4 are in my prayers--Congratulations again.



Shanna said...

We are so happy for the both of you. The babies are beautiful. Tiff, I am so proud of you. You both have been so strong these past few years, and your patience have really paid off. You both have started an unvbelievable family. These babies are so blessed to have the two of you as their parents. I know you both will make the most wonderful parents.

Love and God bless,
Shanna and Scott

Cam said...

Happy Birthday to the Michaels' Quad Squad!!!! We are so happy to hear that they are here and all is going well. Murph and Jameson can't wait to meet Gavin, Reece, Maggie and little Lauren. It's such a thrill to know that your wait to become parents is over. Those four precious babies are so lucky to have you for a mommy and daddy. Congrats! Love the pictures, keep 'em coming.
~The Sweeneys

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Your quads are now in a new stage in life-being babies in this world! God is so good and I will continue to pray for your family!!!

Anonymous said...

So neat to get see to the pictures thanks for taking time from your busy schedules to keep us all updated. The babies look beautiful we are so thankful for their arrival. We are both keeping you all in our prayers. I know there are some pretty excited and proud grandparents there too! Congratulations to you all!!
Kathy & Warren Dale

girlie girl said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Matt and Summer Knobloch (I helped with their wedding, so I remember you guys). Congrats! I will be praying for your little blessings! Take care!

Vicki said...

Tiff and Jon, I cried tears of joy to see those perfect little babies! They are so very precious and I know that you will be patient with their growth and achievements. You are all very lucky to have each other. God has blessed you and it is well deserved.
Love you all,
Vicki Boles

Anonymous said...

You are sooooo blessed. I can not wait to visit this summer and see the little angels. Sending a BIG hug.


Christina Coffey said...

We were so excited to see the new additions to your family! What a blessing! They are lucky to have such loving parents. We enjoy keeping up on everything that you have been going through.
Tony and Christina Coffey

Anonymous said...

What a miracle. These babies are loved so much already by so many people. Thanks for keeping us updated and for the pictures. Michelle G

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you now I am keeping you and your beautiful family in prayer. Grandma Jan keeps us updated at CHS, but really enjoy checking out your info on the blog. What lucky babies they are to be born into such a loving Christian family. Congratulations! Jean Ann Strong, Charleston High School

Anonymous said...

Tiffany and Jon,
Wow! The babies are beautiful! It made me teary eyed just seeing them! I'm so happy for your family:) Tiff you are so awesome!Congratualtions!!
Erika Maechtle

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your children are beautiful, and certainly gifts from God. As it is said, becoming a parent is like having your heart walk around outside your body, and even more so with four new babies! What emotions you must be feeling right now. Take time to recover and take care!

Kim and Tony Bankston, Anna, Olivia, and Brooke

Michelle said...

Tiff and Jon you are so amazingly strong. Those four little babies are luckier then they know to have you two for parents. Jenni and Shanna have been keeping me and the rest of Btown updated on your progress. I love the website and appreciate how awesome you both are at keeping it updated. I will continue to pray for your young family. I know that God will protect and watch over you all. Congrats again!!! Michelle Rogers

mom said...

We love you quys. It is all so surreal that we are actually grandparents. It was an unbelievable day Tuesday. Thanks for these wonderful pictures Jon. We are looking forward to wonderful days and memories with our new grandchildren. God has truly blessed each and every minute of the road to the Final Four!!! Love and kisses, mom and dad.

Laura Bach said...

Congratulations on your new arrivals the girls and lovely and your son is handsome. I'm sure you are still beaming and in awe. Babies do that to you. The blog was wonderful and really let us experience some of your experience. The pictures were great! We hope Tiffany continues to have a speedy recovery and the babies keep growing bigger and stronger.

Boyd, Laura, Brian & Julie Bach

Steve and Lorie Griswold said...

Your web site is great. Thanks for sharing. It was so great to see you today. We did make it back safely. You two are so beautiful and so fun to be around. Your little ones are such a blessing. We are so excited for you both. If you ever need anything, we are not that far. We are sorry we did not see your mom and dad. We miss them so much. Enjoy your bundles of joy. Congrats to mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. Love Steve and Lorie Griswold

Anonymous said...

Congratualations Team Michaels!! We are so happy for all 6 of you! We have enjoyed following your journey along the way on this blog site. We will keep you in our prayers and we can't wait to come see you all!
Steve, Megan, Payton, and Lucas Weemer

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Team Michaels!! We are so happy for all 6 of you!! We have enjoyed following your journey on the blog site and can't wait to come see you all soon. You are in our prayers!!
Love, Steve, Megan, Payton, and Lucas Weemer

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Michaels. Robby Pratt here. Your babies look cool and I'm happy they have been born. When they get older I will teach them how to dig rocks. Love, Robby

Christina said...

What an amazing story, what an amazing day and an amazing several months you've had. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and covered in goosebumps - reading about how God orchestrated everything to go so smoothly for the delivery, seeing pictures of your four beautiful children and then seeing you holding Gavin in your arms, it is just absolutely amazing and the most beautiful thing in the world. I'm so thrilled for you both that you are the parents of these four babies. I can't even begin to imagine your joy! Tiff it makes me so happy to see you with that precious little baby in your arms. He's all yours! I just love it. I know it's been a long road and I'm so thrilled to see how God has brought you to this point. Many congratulations!!! We're praying for you all and pray for a speedy recovery for you Tiff. We love you and can't wait to meet these four little ones.

Christina, Patrick, Henry and William

Carla said...

Tiff and JOn

Congatulations!!! What beautiful Babies!! Please let me know when you get to brien them home.. I would love to come help!!!

Carla Taylor

Anonymous said...

Congrats on you babies!! Deb was keeping us updated on everything from those lil' cuties! She sure loved them! I hope everything continues to go smoothly in the future. Love Janelle N.
(Deb's sis) =)