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Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, Tiff didn't have the best day today:
  • Contractions were pretty constant this morning (every two/three minutes). The nurse had to administor a "terb" shot which has seemed to calm things down somewhat. This is the third day in a row for this shot.
  • She was weighed and lost weight. We are thinking the babies are taking most of the food, but something we didn't want to hear. As a side note, I weighed her myself this evening and she was 10lbs heavier than the morning measurement. Her bed is a sophisticated bed in that it can take a weight, but maybe to sophisticated. We're thinking a stand up scale may be more accurate
  • The sonogram this afternoon showed that all babies are doing well! However Tiff's cervix has decreased in size a little (.78), which the doctor's will need to keep an eye on.

Tiff is still Tiff! She is very positive and upbeat as usual. We didn't see Dr. Kehl this evening so we're hoping to see him tomorrow. As I speak all the nurses are in the room signing a pillow case for Tiff and chatting. Lori one of the nurses brought the pillow case in knowing how fond Tiff is of her pillow cases. What an amazing, supportive staff here!

We continue to be specific with our prayers. We appreciate everyone continueing to pray for us and the babies. We truly feel blessed to have each and every day that God keeps these babies in Tiff's belly.


Amber said...

Thanks so much for the update. We'll continue to pray for all six of you. The power of positive thinking is amazing, and we know Tiff is a pro at that one!! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!!

Jan Spitz said...

Hi Tiff and Jon,
Thanks for always keeping us "in the know". You sound like you are in a wonderful caring hospital with some great people helping you everyday. Tiffany, you make everyone around you happy. No wonder they love you. Well, I love you too! You're still in my daily prayers. Jan

Jeanie Bree said...

Just a quick note to let you know how truly amazing you both are. People I know ask about you all the time and the first words that always come to mind are Positive and Amazing. We pray that those sweet little babies stay in Tiff's belly as long as possible. Hang in there.

Randy and Angela Warman said...

I am one of those crazy ladies who works with your mom. Don't worry to much about the weight loss I know that it is hard not to I am speaking from experience I had what they called hyperemesis which like having morning sickness 24/7. The babies will take nutrition from where they can. I had this with both pregnancies and was in the hospital with IV's about 5 times with both of my sons. My oldest son is now 20 years old and dates Taysha Ryan. Whom we love!!! Or second son is 14 years old. So don't get hung up to much on the weight!! We are all rooting for you at good old CHS!! You are in our thoughts and prayers.
The Warman's-Randy, Angel, Josh and Blake

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Tiff...your weight will continue to fluxuate (sp?) day to day and at varying times during the day. As long as those sweet babes are growing your doing great! We will keep you all in our prayers! It's nice to be able to stalk you while at work all day :)

Love, Busing (and all the Busings)

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Tiff! Keep that beautiful smile going! The two of you are amazing! I am actually going to be in Champaign this weekend and if all is well and you can have visitors I would love to visit you Tiff. If you feel like a visitor email me this week at! Praying for you and your babies! love ya! Hallie

Vicki said...

Tiff and Jon, I too continually keep you in my prayers. I am amazed that these four little ones are just thriving and of course, I knew they would with a mommy like you! LOL Keep the faith(as if I had to remind you, Tiff) and soon you will be holding those precious babies and all will be well with the world.
Love you,
Vicki Boles

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Jon.

Laura Bach said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jon & the babies. I'm thrilled to hear that the medical staff is treating you so well. That is such a blessing. I bet your babies are basking in all the positive energy you are sending their way. Stay strong!

Boyd, Laura, Brian & Julie Bach

Anonymous said...


Don't know if you remember me, I did an alteration on a bridesmaids dress for you a few years ago (Foreman twin wedding #1:). I have certainly kept you all in my prayers from the beginning, beings how this invetro took place in the midst of Foreman wedding #2. At that time were waiting for our own little miracle to arrive. Our daughter, Cassie had had the same procedure done the previous Christmas and gave birth to a perfect little boy on the 6th of Sept. Praise God for the this fantastic medical procedure for both of you and all the other families that have been blessed with little miracle babies. Good luck with your precious babies, we know the Myer quads from Oakland and I can't quite imagine what lies ahead. They are wonderful kids and I am sure yours will be likewise. Take care. Give them a kiss from me.

Joni Lutz